easy test of MIDI controller

Hi ! :slight_smile:

I just bought a USB MIDI controller and its power light is on and I see the input light pulsating when I hit a pad from my electronic drum however, I’m new on GNU/Linux (on Debian) and in MIDI domain and I’d like to know the easiest way to test if my computer received those signals and if it can differentiate the pad in the signals.

I only have a week (until February 9, 2008) to be refunded so I’d appreciate a quick response even if just to say you’re checking it out. :frowning: Although I prefer an answer here, you may also find me on freenode under the same nickname and generally in #koumbit.


Audacity can’t record or play MIDI data. You’ll have to use other software to see if your MIDI input works. I’d recommend Ardour coupled with a drum sampler program or VST plugin. You can also use Hydrogen, that’s a drum machine, but it accepts MIDI input. I’ve gotten it to recognize MIDI triggers from my V-Drums kit, but I didn’t play around with it any more than that.

Thanks alatham !

Which would be the easiest solution to test of those you listed ?

I’d welcome any other solutions as I’ll eventually have the time to fiddle with them but meanwhile please mention which are the simple ones.


I’d say Hydrogen is probably the easiest for testing.

I second that Hydrogen will be easiest. You’ll just have to install it and make sure that the MIDI stuff is set up. Then bang on the drums and see if the MIDI light lights up. If it does, then you should also hear the accompanying sound clip (though they’ll probably be set to the wrong drum, I think you have to set that stuff up manually).

Thank you all ! Hydrogen was quite easy to use and to setup ; I simply had to go in preferences them Midi System tab and select the appropriate Input.

I 'm happy the MIDI /USB works with GNU/Linux (specifically Debian), it’s E-MU’s Xmidi 1x1. I will keep it and will inform the vendor it works with GNU/Linux, as they’ve let me try it on my laptop on site (sadly I didn’t know how) I will promote them here : http://www.archambault.ca/ (top-right to switch to English).

I’d appreciate more complete solutions suggestions, even if not very simple, for the long run.