Easier way to jump between a track and its label track?

I’d like to suggest an easier way to
Move Focus To Next Track
Move Focus To Previous Track

Although Down/Up arrows do work fine,
and we can assign other keys that we prefer,
I would love to be able to use

Edit> Preferences> Mouse>
Any> Move Focus To Next Track/Move Focus To Previous Track> Wheel-Rotate
to move from one track to another quickly an very easily.

And have Alt-Wheel-Rotate for Scroll up or down, since I think this may
generally be used less than the more frequently used switching of focus between
a track and its label track. (Not sure about that.)

The reason being that I think many love to jump between tracks
often and quickly and easily,
without having to move the arm across the keyboard each time to the up/down keys,
or having to click into the audio track or label tack to select it.

I notice with lots of detailed work between a track and its label track that I’m having to
consistently do a lot of arm movement over to the Up/Down keys to switch focus between the
track I’m working on and its label track.

It’s just a thought. I think many would enjoy this.

By the way, and chance that what I see is called mouse bindings may be configurable?

My solution for now is that I assigned the keys
Alt+D to Move Focus To Next Track
Alt+S to Move Focus To Previous Track
…makes it a little easier to jump back and forth between audio track and label track.

Maybe I’m overlooking another option?

Thanks for any ideas.


If you prefer to use the mouse than keyboard, how about “click”?

ALT + scroll wheel to move track focus up and down isn’t a terrible idea, but I think it would not be easy to just move focus one track up and down if you had multiple audio and label tracks. Unless you were careful with the scroll wheel you would be moving focus too far.