earphone with mic as input does not work with usb sound card

Hello! I have a problem with my 3d sound card. I have earphones with microphone (the same earphones we find together a mobile phone) I used for recording, and Microsoft realtek audio as output (output is not important, the probles is about input).
The jack of my input is TRRS. When I insert it on female’s notebook it runs, output audio is clean. But when I insert this jack on the usb audio card it doesn’t run perfectly. I listen my voice but low (I have to increase the dB gain) and with a strong background noise. It’s normal? 3d audio card appears to work good. Thks to all. :wink:

My Mic jack (trrs): http://www.cablechick.com.au/resources/image/trrs-diagram1.jpg
My Mic: https://n2.sdlcdn.com/imgs/b/a/b/Samsung-samsung-EHS61ASFWE-Earbuds-Wired-SDL242163512-1-9fc9c.jpg

the usb audio card it doesn’t run perfectly.

I’m more interested in details of the USB soundcard.

There are two different ways to make the TRRS connection. If I had to guess at it, I’d say the USB soundcard was wired different from the laptop.
Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 07.38.45.png

Does the USB soundcard have separate headphone & mic jacks?

Yes, are separate.

I attach a photo of my usb sound card (a very common usb adapter, brand is Maxtech). Of course yellow is mic and green is the output.

Yes, are separate.

The TRRS plug won’t work so you’ll need an [u]adapter[/u].