Dying/collapsing sound effect?

Y’all were so incredibly helpful on my last question I feel confident one of the Audacity experts has a handy answer to this one. I’m trying to add a type of fade out to a track. It sounds like what you would get if you unplugged power from a turntable while it played. So over the span of 1-2 seconds the track would “die off” both in speed, pitch and volume. Kinda of like a robot shutting down. I think you know the sound.
Is there an existing effect for this? I’ve gone down the effects list and tried the ones that aren’t self explanatory but may be missing something.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again.

Joe S.

Turntable-warp plugin, or use Audacity’s built-in time-track tool.

Nailed it!!! Once again, so simple. I need to improve my search terms.

Thanks a million.