Duplicate recordings

I am at below novice level. I downloaded a record to Audacity, Exported it as WAV. I had to do it over and deleted the recording. I recorded it a second time. when I played it back there were two recording. So I tried again and on playback there were 3 recordings. I hope this is making sense and I don’t know where I’m going wrong

To “undo” a recording: “Edit menu > Undo Record”
Does that answer your question? (I’m not sure what you are asking)

If you want to export only one of the recordings, another method would be to click on the [X] top left of the other two tracks to close them, leaving only the good recording. Then File > Export… to save an audio file for the computer.

The below might help you with other scenarios.

If you want to export one recording but leave the other recordings on the screen, press the Mute button on the tracks you don’t want to export. Alternatively, click above the Mute / Solo buttons (where it says “Hz”) in the track you do want to export then File > Export Selection… .

If you want to export any of the recordings so that one recording starts after the other finishes, press F5 on your computer keyboard then click and drag the second track so it starts where the first track ends, and so on. Press F1 to go back to Selection Tool when you have finished dragging.

If you don’t want recordings on separate tracks, press the blue Pause button while you turn the record over, then release Pause to continue recording. If you have already pressed Stop, hold SHIFT and click Record to start recording from the end of the selected tracks.