Duplicate effect settings


Is there anything in Audacity, or any third party utility that does not cost an arm and leg that duplicates settings for a clip or mp3?

Let me be clear


You setup a clip on an mp3 made in audacity and the settings are perfect.

But you then realize you have no real idea how you did it.

Neither can your recall the steps

Is there a way to extract all the settings from that clip so it can be used (manually if necessary) so the rest of the track can have the same effect settings?

There are EQ matching plugin$, which impose the spectrum of one track on another,
but they don’t replicate any compression, or reverb, or other effects which may have been applied.

If you didn’t close Audacity or turn the computer off, you can use Edit > UNDO to back your way out of the effects. Write them down as you go.

Once you close Audacity, UNDO goes away and you’re stuck.


Guys TY for your rapid response.
Based on those responses there does not seem to be a utility that can do what I am attempting.

So let me try the inverted approach.
Is there a technique or utility that has the ability to remove all adjustments from a saved mp3 files.
Basically stripping down all settings leaving only the original recorded audio ?
A reset if you will…

No, and it’s even worse than that MP3 gets its tiny, convenient file sizes by moving around sounds and leaving some of them out. You can’t ever back up from an MP3 file which is why we urge, strongly, to do production in WAV format, not MP3.


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