Dubbing audio in Audacity

Hey, all:

I have a question that I think you’ll be able to help me with. I’m recording a podcast using Audacity, and when I go back to edit, I often re-record questions or dub a word or two over the existing audio. I figured out how to record on that existing track, but whatever I record always goes to the end of the track, and I have to copy and paste to get it into place. Is there a way to just highlight the audio I want to replace and record right there? I’m sure there is, but I just can’t figure it out.



See Tutorial - Punch-in repair of recordings

Note this is a little trickier than Punch and Roll Record, which has built-in crossfade.

Here’s the technique that I and I suspect a lot pf people would kill for.

Set up correctly for latency overdubbing, etc. etc. etc. Assume your system is working OK. Make a protection copy.

Carefully Mark (sorry) Label the IN and OUT points of your mistake.

Special Play the work ahead of the mistake. Audacity automatically pops into record covering up the mistake as you perform. Manually Press an OUT key. Audacity automatically deletes any remaining mistake and closes up the gap with the rest of the performance. Alternately, if the correction is longer than the mistake, Audacity automatically pushes the rest of the performance later to make room.

Play it to see how it went. UNDO and reset the correction. Redo as needed.

No arm wrestling with three and four tracks and much faster. Four keystrokes. Find the IN. Find the OUT. Start the correction. Stop it.

The tutorial doesn’t address what happens to the present system if you have multiple mistakes—not that that would ever happen to me or anything.