drum machine

I’ve just started to use Hydrogen drum machine. I organise a small music workshop; one guy brought a guitar effects pedal with drum machine. I thought recording a drum track might be an improvement; thus Hydrogen. But its pretty complicated (not helped by it not really being for Windows. I’m using windows 10, audacity 2.1.0). So its only simple drum patterns i’m wanting to make. I have made a couple of basic drum tracks with Hydrogen ( I did the attached mp3 for one of the workshop dudes who swore when he lost the beat with aforementioned drum pedal …

Now i’m reading about free VST drum machines (I’m clueless about the tecky stuff).
Any suggestions- should I stick with hydrogen?? or what

I’ve only used Hydrogen on Linux, but found it to be excellent.
Audacity does not support VST instruments (VSTi).

Ok, so I guess i’l stick with Hydrogen. How do you think I’l do on “Britain’s Got No Talent”

Honestly - not a chance. I’ve heard acts that make your recording sound like a Grammy winner.