drum loops, drum looping, how do i get drums on here?

i want to record some guitar on audacity but i need a simple rock drum beat to record over and help me keep time. is there a loop or anything in audacity already? or is there somewhere i can download one for free that anyone knows of? i just downloaded audacity today and im really excited to use it, thanks!

There is a click track in Audacity that you can tweak to the beats per minute that you want. Drums? No.

I’ve used a cheap drum machine, loops off of an M-Audio CD, and drum sounds from a Yamaha synth that I bought at a garage sale for $30.00.

I’ve never found a free plugin that will give you drums. However, there is a site I found called sampleswap, I think that’s right, from which you can down load WAV loops, then import them into Audacity for editing.

thank you. well is there any way to loop a track. i downloaded a loop, but ya know, its only like 5 seconds long, how can i loop that to go a few minutes? or can i? thanks again.

Tyler, you might try copying and pasting. Highlight the loop, copy it, and paste it just after the original loop. Make sure they are properly aligned, then copy what you have created and paste again. Then keep repeating until you have the number of measures you want.

If you have a drum fill loop, you could conceivably import it where you want it.

There is also Effects > Repeat so once you have a bar you can repeat it lots of times and so on.

Wow! Thanks Richardash. I learn something new everyday!

I posted a similar response to another question, I love Hotstepper for creating beats. It’s freeware, and if you spend a little time downloading free drum samples from the web, you can have a extensive drum collection to choose from. You can use Hotstepper to loop your beat (which is useful if you want to create variations), but as another person suggested above, you can just take a single loop and cut and paste it over and over in Audacity.

I use a program called hammerhead, because it lets you import up to 6 sounds (for use on 6 channels) to make custom drum sounds. I generate sounds with Audacity, or record them, export as .wav, then use the userbank creator to put them into a convenient tight little portable package. I can then mix that with the included drum sounds, and stream to the harddrive as single samples, or entire sessions. Playing around with it will get you familliar, along with some neat results.