Dropping audio onto live record track "live" editing

hey, i am new to audacity and recording for that matter, the software has been pretty intuitive for now as far as editing goes. i am using it to record a podcast and i want to be able to record voice and drop in sound pieces live as i record, like sound effects, news themes, applause/similar sfx

is there a way to do this with audacity? maybe a plugin im missing?
the one way i can come up with is to somehow add a recording source to the list that is a mix of stereo mix and voice, but if i did this, i couldn’t edit which i dont really mind i think… and there might be delay/quality loss problems

another way i can think of doing this is to have a separate track that is recording any pc audio that is played. any way to do this?


Audacity does not do “Live”.
You can record one or more tracks and then edit and mix them, then Export the final mix as a WAV or an MP3 file, but you can’t do it “Live” with Audacity.

Many people find it convenient to mix in an actual mixer rather than trying it do it all in one computer. This also gives you reliable headphone monitor points, headphone volume, multiple sends, etc.

The next step in production is to need more than one microphone, and that will take you into a sound mixer in a big hurry. There is no way to get multiple microphones into any conventional computer, and even USB microphones have problems.