Dropped Audio During Recording

During recordings, the audio drops out at points usually toward the end of the track. I am using version 2.3.2 on Windows 10 & the issue gets worse with each use.where larger & larger chunks of audio gets dropped leaving gaps of silence in the recording. I am using a Blue Yeti microphone recording at a 44100 sample rate. Tried it at 48000 & it was worse.

The error message only says & I am paraphrasing, ‘either I am saving to a slow hard drive or the computer is doing other things’ (uh duh, that’s what computers do). When I looked on the Help menu it said the same.

The number blocks at the bottom of the image shows the missing audio.

Anyone know how to resolve this?

uh duh, that’s what computers do

Not during audio or video production they don’t. Entertainment production is real time, no taking a break or shuffle memory around a little to make your spreadsheet or Photoshop fit. If hardware memory or clean hard drive space is not available right then, the show can drop dead.

You’re pretty much guaranteeing this problem with the symptoms that get worse as you go.

How much hard drive space do you have and when was the last time you defragged it? When was the last time you really shut down the machine. Shift-Shutdown, wait, and then Start. Don’t let anything else start. No Games, Skype or Chat.

Even if that doesn’t cure the problem, did the problem change?


There are some suggestions [u]here[/u].

The error message only says & I am paraphrasing, ‘either I am saving to a slow hard drive or the computer is doing other things’ (uh duh, that’s what computers do).

…Yes, that’s what computers do, but the audio doesn’t wait-around for the computer to finish whatever it’s doing.

The analog audio comes-in at a smooth constant rate and it goes into a recording buffer (like a storage tank). Whenever the operating system gets around to it, it reads the buffer in a quick burst and writes to the hard drive. If some application/driver/process hogs the system for a few milliseconds too long and, the buffer doesn’t get read in time you get buffer overflow and a glitch (a dropout).

When you play (or monitor) the data is written to the playback buffer in a quick-burst. Then if flows-out at a smooth-constant rate. In this case, the danger is buffer underflow.

A bigger buffer (or a faster computer) often helps. The buffer is a delay and that can be a problem if you are monitoring yourself through the computer. But, your Yeti has zero-latency hardware-monitoring (so you can monitor yourself without the sound going through the computer) so with your setup, there is no downside to a bigger buffer. If there is a backing-track coming from the computer, the related latency can be compensated-for.

Any modern computer is fast-enough for “regular” 1-channel or 2-channel audio but it does depends on what other things the computer is doing. And the operating system is always multitasking even if you’re only running one application so you always need a buffer.

It can get complicated and there is a free [u]online book[/u] about optimizing your computer for audio.

I will talk a look at the online book thank you.

I am not looking at the computer at the .moment but the disk space is 1TB & I have used about 1/3. I haven’t defragged so I will do that.

I always shut down my machine when finished. Always.
,I don’t run Skype or any other chat. I xon’t run games.i don’t run any other apps other than what the computer normally runs. That’s why the occurrence is so odd to me.

I will defrag. Anything else I can try?
Thank you