Dropout Detection on WAV Load


I loaded 2 sets of stereo WAV files into a new Audacity project and upon close inspection, there were several dropouts in the tracks.

Track 1: 3 dropout on the left track
Track 2: 1 dropout on the left track

When searching for a resolution to this problem, i came across the dropout detection setting, which is enabled, but the dropouts weren’t marked. I assume they weren’t marked because I didn’t use Audacity to record the WAVs.

Question: Is there a way to scan a track and look for dropouts?


That’s correct - Audacity’s drop-out detection is only active during recording.

If the drop-outs are long enough, you may be able to detect them with “Silence Finder”: Silence Finder - Audacity Manual
This will only work if the drop-outs created silences that are sufficiently long. Some types of drop-out don’t create silences at all, in which case the most effective way is to listen for clicks.

Thank you!

The dropouts were longer than the minimum 0.1 seconds that silence finder allows, so this should be a great approach.