DRM protected files

Can anyone help ? I always burn wav files of my music to a CD, so I can listen to the mix on tracks played on a CD player; this gives me a better idea than just playing the tracks on my more expensive music studio speakers. However, in the past few months, some tracks won’t burn. I keep getting a message saying the tracks are DRM protected. But these are original tracks made at home, I’m not downloading music from a website; I tried to remove the DRM protection with Audacity, but it can’t do it. Please help,

What software is telling you that? Your CD burning software?

I assume it’s OK in Audacity?

And you are exporting to WAV at 16-bits, 44.1kHz, stereo?

If they really were DRM protected, or if Windows is (falsely) flagging them as DRM protected, they wouldn’t open in Audacity.

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