Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit


I’ve spent many hours now trying to get over this problem of finding the elusive
“appropriate drivers” for my operating system Windows 10, 64-bit.

Is this a big secret, or are they still a work-in-progress, because I feel like
all potential “answers” I find, turn out to be red herrings.

If there’s still a waiting period before this “appropriate drivers” saga is
sorted out, I’d prefer to know and stop wasting time getting nowhere.

Sorry to say, I am very frustrated, I can tell you!

Kind regards,
Tracei Ansdell

Hi Tracei,

Please don’t post in other people’s completely unrelated topics. I started a new topic for you. You can do this next time by pressing the “NEW TOPIC” button near top left of

Did you look at the links I gave when you wrote to our feedback address about audio drivers for Windows 10?

What is the actual problem you are having? Are you trying to record something, if so what, and using exactly what equipment?

As I said, if the computer came with Windows 10, and you are using the computer’s built in sound device, you probably already have appropriate audio drivers.

Are you receiving “Internal PortAudio Error” when you launch Audacity and you then have no audio devices in Audacity? If so, you could try Audacity 2.1.3-alpha. This may let you use at least some of your audio devices. If you want to try that, see


Hi Gale,

I regret making you impatient.
I am not yet familiar with your rules to ask for assistance.

Yes, I did look at all links you sent me, for which I thank you, but unfortunately after wading through the masses of information, end result is much time spent with no success.
I cannot record my singing at all now, whereas before recording was just easy and perfect.

My laptop did not come with Windows 10.
It came with Windows 8, but I updated to Windows 10 when prompt appeared some months ago.

I was thrilled to use your brilliant Audacity program to record directly into my laptop via inbuilt the microphone. It just worked, no problem. I am a professional singer and was using Audacity to assess and improve my vocal work.

Now when I press the red record button, instead of the new blank track appearing ,
the following error message appears :
“Error while opening sound device. Please check the recording device setting and the
project setup rate”. I have tried, but don’t know where to go to fix this.

I am so stuck.
Is it something I have done wrong, or is it that “appropriate drivers” are missing.
I just want to record as easily as I did.
I don’t pretend to be “whizkid Wozniak” on the complex Audacity technology.
I am just a musical artist. I hope you can assist further.

Kind regards
Tracei Ansdell

Given your computer came with Windows 8, then when you upgraded to Windows 10, you needed to go to your computer manufacturer’s web site and download and install audio drivers for that computer that are meant for Windows 10. What is the exact make and model number of the computer? For example it might be “Dell XPS 13 9343”.

Meantime, File > Exit Audacity.

Restart Audacity. Do you see a popup message that says “Internal PortAudio Error”? If so, exit Audacity. Download the latest 2.1.3-alpha from the top of Right-click the ZIP file then choose “Extract All…” and extract the contents to a folder of your choice. From that folder, launch audacity.exe. Do you see the Internal PortAudio Error now?

If you do not see “Internal PortAudio Error” in the version of Audacity you already have, don’t download 2.1.3-alpha. Just give us the content of Help > Audio Device Info… (top right of Audacity). Copy and paste, or save the file and attach it. Please see here for how to attach files: Also look in Help > About Audacity… and give us all three Audacity numbers, for example “2.1.2”.

Note that if you have had Windows 10 less than 30 days there is a button to go back to the previous Windows in the Settings app at Update & security > Recovery. If you do this, do not install Windows 10 audio drivers from your computer manufacturer’s site.

Another option you might explore is buying a professional XLR mic and a USB interface for it. If you want to make money from your singing, you are not doing your talents justice by recording with an internal mic on a laptop.