Driver needed

I have had good luck with Audacity (Thanks guys!), but I’d ike to step it up.

I have an old Digidesign MBox USB Audio interface, which is a fine box, but I have no way to get it talking to Audacity, apparently for lack of a driver. I was hoping the Audacity would “find” the interface, but it was not to be.

Does anyone know of a simple MBOX driver in public domain? Digidesign (now Avid Audio) is not particularly kind about support and I am a cheapskate. I can record plenty on my Mac/MOTU multichannel monster, but it is nothing like portable. I am hoping to do some high quality field recording with Audacity and the MBOX on this Dell laptop.

Any help here? Thanks in advance.


You didn’t say which MBox or which Windows. It is essential that the correct driver is used to match the hardware and the operating system. The wrong drivers may make the entire computer unstable.

Have you looked here:


Quite right, I neglected to state which Windows version - XP professional 32 bit.

The MBOX is an MBOX, the first MBOX… The one that Avid says is not supported for Pro-Tools. Thanks for the link though.

I have macs in the house, none portable that will run the ProTools LE that came with the MBOX when I got it in 2002 (I still have the packaging…). That software is Mac only and OS 9 only. I used to use it before my G4 PowerBook died. It all worked nicely (well excelpt for the occasional clock slip…).

So there you have it. I have a nice interface and no way to get it talking with Audacity.

The laptop is a Dell Latitude D630 with a Core 2 Duo running at 2.19Ghz with 2 GB of RAM. (That is the rest of configuration story).

Any help here?

Try the “Digidesign ASIO Driver 6.1.1” or “Digidesign Audio Drivers v7.0” from here:
The “Digidesign ASIO Driver” will not work with Audacity, but either the 6.11 or 7.0 “Digidesign WaveDriver” should work.

Make sure that you set a restore point before installing either of those drivers. If they don’t work, uninstall the driver first (to clean up the files) then restore to the previous state (to fix system setting).

This is really a support question for Avid, but having dealt with them in the past I realise that their support sucks (which is why I don’t recommend MBox or any of their other products).