Dragging clips doesn't work


I am new to Audacity, I downloaded it a couple days ago and am learning how to use it. I have got to moving clips around, and everything seems to suggest that to move clips both within and between tracks, all I need to do is click & hold the clip using the top bar bit, and I can move it around. But when I try it, it just… doesn’t work.

So please can someone explain what I am supposed to do, or why it might not be working?

Thanks, Padwandaman

I have worked out the answer (with help from my girlfriend…) It might be useful for others so here is the solution:

For moving within the track, I hadn’t realised that you can only move to where there is a specific open space (it doesn’t just reshuffle the clips, which is what I had been expecting).

For moving between tracks, you need to ensure both tracks are the same out of mono / stereo - you cna’t move from a mono track to a stereo track & vice versa.