Drag Scrolling/Navigation

When you are editing a long audio and/or you have heavily zoomed in, Navigating left and right using the lower scroll bar can get quite fiddly.
Also, the scrollbar might be quite far away from “where the action happens”, thus where your cursor is.

Therefore I would like to suggest to implement “drag scrolling” or “drag navigation” in the form that you press a mouse button on one of the audio tracks or the “Timeline Ruler” at the top, and the view moves left or right with your mouse so that the same point of the displayed track stays under the cursor as long as the mouse button is kept pressed. (It is important to notice that only the displayed area should be moved, not any objects in respect to each other, so this is a purely navigational feature, not an editing feature)

As dragging with the left mouse button pressed is already taken for selecting, it has to be one of the other two buttons, which (in the selection tool and on Windows) currently don’t do anything when dragging.

Several GIS and Graphics Applications like Inkscape have this feature as Middle Mouse Dragging, which works independently of which tool is currently active.
Dragging with the MIddle Mouse Button also doesn’t appear to do anything in the Multi-Tool (on Windows).

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I shared your frustration and only now found out:

You can drag the bar where the file name / track name says!

My mistake; that actually moved the entire track. But I could move it back to the snap start and then it was fine.

Anyway; I wholly support your feature request.

This is a pretty basic feature at this point so I support it. It’d be way more useful and intuitive than the current Shift + Scroll workaround.

this is something I’d like us to add in the future; you can follow the feature request on github here: