downloading voice mails from my phone

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate version, and Audicity 2.1.2. On another forum it was suggested that I use this program to download and be able to save the voicemails I have on my phone.

I have a droid maxx.

Also, I’ve searched the phone for the audio files, but can’t find them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Audacity is not a download/file transfer tool.

Audacity can record voicemails that you play on your phone in real time. Recording takes as long as it does to play the voicemails. You can connect a cable from headphones out on the phone to a suitable audio input on your computer, then set Audacity in Device Toolbar to record from the computer audio input. Mic inputs may distort - you may need to set the input level very low.

Android phones usually store voicemails on online servers, not directly on the phone. The received wisdom if you want to regularly access voicemails on Android and if you are in the USA is to install the GoogleVoice app and set that up to handle your voicemail. Then you can save your voicemails from your web browser. See

If you are outside the USA I am not so sure. Some features of GoogleVoice may be available in Gmail in some countries.


Thanks, that worked great. Just took a few trys to get the settings right.

Good, but which of the suggestions worked and what country are you in? This would help others who have the same question.


Sorry it has taken me so long to post a reply, but I haven’t tried to save any more voice mails since my original post.

Some of the settings I had to adjust / chang included:

The output volume on my phone at 3/4 or so.

The input speaker setting set at about 50%

You cannot have the speaker on, on your phone when recording, otherwise it won’t record anything.

I tried to cut and past a copy of the menu bar, but it won’t let me.

Hope this helps.