Downloading music from zoom H2n into audacity

How do I do this. If I need software, which is the simplest to use. I can’t download LAME.
Many thanks for your help. This is for a garage band: I don’t need a highly sophisticated program, which I’ll never learn.

If your computer has a flash card reader, you can just take the flash card out of the H2n, put it in the reader, and it will appear as a “removable drive”.
Search through the folders to find the audio files, and copy them over to your hard drive.

Note: Best NOT to delete files from the flash card via your computer, and definitely DO NOT format the flash card in your computer. Use the H2n to delete files when required.

When removing the flash drive from the computer, use the “Safely remove this device” first before physically removing it.

If your computer does not have a card reader, you can buy USB card readers for under $10.

Thanks !!

How do I get files from my mac into FFmpeg

That does not really make sense. What are you trying to do?

I’m trying to get music from my zoom h2n digital recorder’s card reader into audacity so I can edit it and burn to cd. I got the tracks into the computer, but can’t move them into audacity.

What operating system do you have, and which exact version of Audacity?

Operating system on my mac is high sierra 10.13.6. The version of audacity is audacity-macos-2.2.2.dmg. Thank you so much for taking so much time and effort to help me with this.

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Locate one of the audio files that you have copied to your computer, and check its file properties (this article shows how:
Audio files from an H2 should be “WAV” or “MP3”.

If the file is either a WAV or an MP3,
Launch Audacity, then from the “File” menu, select “File > Import > Audio” (more details:
Then in the file import dialog, browse to where that WAV/MP3 file is, and select it for importing.
Click “OK”

Thanks, I’ll try

If I connect my H2n via USB cable to the computer, the H2n turns on and asks whether to use it as audio device, or as card reader:
When used as card reader, Windows displays a new drive letter, and I can import from the H2n directly into Audacity. It’s described in the manual, BTW (Who RTFM, BTW :wink: