downloading audio from app on my iPhone 6

Hi! Please help! I recorded several recordings on an app called Voice Recorder. They are in AAC format. I would like to download them to Audacity to take away some of the background noise to hear recordings. Using a USB cord, I attached my iphone to my laptop (Windows 10) and opened Audacity. I tried to browse my iPhone and open files but could not find anything. Please help me.

You should probably be aware that Voice Memo runs with its own internal noise reduction. That’s one reason I use the separate Music Memo which doesn’t do that. So even if you do move the sound files, Audacity will be piling two different noise reductions atop each other. It’s easy to get honky, bubbly cellphone voices instead of good quality podcasts.

The only way I’ve ever found to transfer files is through iTunes. iTunes is a free download for Windows. When it asks you if you want iTunes to manage all your music, say no.

(Scroll down for Windows versions)

Select your device from the listing. Voice Memos should be one of the options.

Once the works are posted in iTunes, you can move them anywhere else.



Thank you. The Voice Recorder app isn’t the one that was installed on the phone. It isn’t music, it is recordings from a paranormal walk through. In some of the recordings, the spirit box us too loud. I’d lke to pull that noise away from our voices.

Thank you

I used a secondary app to record voices and I had a terrible time managing sound files—even with iTunes.

I got nothing. What did the instructions say?

Before you go too far with this, you should know that particularly with a mono show, Audacity can’t split apart voices, instruments or sounds. Noise Reduction only works on constant noises that never change. So even if you get it into Audacity, it may not help.