downloaded, copied to app folder, still won't update[SOLVED]

I have a mac mini and followed the instructions - downloaded 2.0.5, double clicked on dmg, copied the folder that appeared to my application folder, restarted computer but when i checked “about audacity” it shows i still have 2.0.2, any suggestions?

How are you launching Audacity? Click the icon from the Dock? Was there already an Audacity folder in Applications when you got there?

Did you used to run Audacity 2.0.2 or is all this a nasty shock to you?


I was running 2.0.2. A second audacity icon just showed up and I tried to open it but I got a warning about running 2 at the same time so I trashed the first one and restarted and now I’ve got it with .5. Thanks for replying.