Download won't recognize files

I have been using Audacity (3.0.2) on my MacBook Air the past few days and have several files I have been working on. I noticed tonight that a new version was out and decided to download the new one. imagine my dismay to find that the new one doesn’t recognize the files I spent the whole last week working on! Worse yet, now the older version won’t open them either! Did I screw up? All that work for nothing! :frowning: The message I get for either version is as follows: "Audacity did not recognize the type of the file ‘/Users/danieldehner/Documents/8. carol Sing soprano part.cdo’

It also suggests “Try installing FFmpeg” and “For uncompressed files, also try File.Import.Raw Data”

Please disregard this post! Found my mistake! :frowning:

Perhaps you could share the solution for the benefit of anyone that has the same problem.