download punch copy/paste

Hello I am new to audacity and not very technical. I want to use the punch copy/paste feature and the links to the plugins here don’t work when I click on them I am using Mac os High Sierra , any help much appreciated :smiley:

It’s down at the bottom. This is a long post.

Have you ever installed software in Audacity?

I have to ask. People sometimes want Punch/Paste when they messed up an audiobook reading and the chapters are too quiet. Is that what happened?

It’s also possible you want to cover up gasps, tongue ticks, and lip smacks. That’s what happened to me. No shortage of lip smacks [tch] in my reading.


The two download links are at the bottom of this post:
Read that post carefully as it contains the instructions.

Hello Koz, thanks for your advice. I am recording some audios for Insight Timer. I am using a Blue Yetti, and the microphone is picking up me swallowing and saliva sounds. Some noises are in the pauses when I am not saying anything, I have watched videos and tried all kinds of ways to get rid of the noises, but nothing is quite right and then I came across a tutorial for the punch copy/paste plugin. I have gone to tools to instal the Nyquist Plug-in Installer, but there is an error message when I try to download .

I will keep trying
I have a mike cover coming tomorrow which might help
thanks for taking the time to reply
warmest wishes

What does it say?

Hi there, I’ve downlaoded the two plug ins from the two links you provided but it’s not allowing me to uplaod them to my mac (11.6.1). If I click on them only a black box with white writing comes up. I still need to get the plugin onto audacity. Please can you help? Thanks, Natasha

Also to mention the audicty version i’m using is 3.1.0

Instructions for installing Nyquist Plug-in on macOS are here: