Download not possible on


Thank you for providing this awesome Open Source Software for audio editing, and more!
I’ve been using it at some occasion, and it is on my computer since 2004, at least!

I would like to download the latest version, to update mine 2.1.3, and to install it on my wife computer, as she wants to try it. But the download links are not triggering a file download. This is very strange, no error display, except some "api " errors in the web console.

Of course, AdBlock is disable on and, but still, nothing happening with latest browser versions: Firefox 64.0.2 and Chrome 71.0.3578.98.

Is there any alternative download links, or mirrors, please?

Kind regards,

From here, the download site (FossHub) is very slow right now.
I’m aware that they are currently implementing changes to make their site fully accessible for blind users, so the problem may be due to ongoing updates, or it could be a network problem between here and there.
I’ll contact them to see if I can get a time estimate for normal service to resume.

There has been a hardware failure in the CDN. It is currently being fixed.


Dear Herve, we apologize! I will paste what I just posted a few moments ago in a separated post “One of our core providers ran into a hardware related issue. The problem was taken care as fast as possible. We are working to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for your patience! FossHub team.”

Thanks FossHub. Just to confirm, downloads are now back on-line.

Thanks Steve, and thanks Fosshub, this was quickly fixed :nerd:
I love this Free/Libre Open Source Software community! (from a long time Joomla contributor and project team member)

Download working great again. I wish you a wonderful day and week!

Kind regards,