Download Audacity on Mac for Windows XP???

Hello, Is it possible to download Audacity for Windows on the Mac then transfer to a PC running XP? I have limited access to our Mac and do my music work on an OFF LINE PC. I would like to download on the Mac and transfer Audacity to the off line PC via thumb drive. Is that possible? Will I have to interact online during download to PC?

You can download the Audacity installer for Windows via the Audacity website:
Ensure that you download the installer version (Audacity 2.2.2 installer (19.31 MB, includes help files)) as the ZIP version requires internet access for the manual.

Please note that we no longer officially support XP, though I believe that Audacity 2.2.2 runs OK on XP SP3.

Thanks for the response Steve. It didn’t work. So, I reclaimed my laptop (Windows 10) from my grandkids. I just now downloaded Audacity to the laptop. Now I have to learn how to use the darn Windows 10. I had trouble with it (W10) and gave it up to the grands. Just have to get up with the times …

You could take this opportunity to upgrade to Linux. If you are familiar with Windows XP you would probably find it less of a learning curve to swithch to Xubuntu or “Linux Mint, Mate” than switching to Windows 10. (I’m biased - I use Xubuntu, though I use Windows 10 and macOS Sierra when I absolutely have to).

Thanks for the suggestion to upgrade, but ‘old dog’ notwithstanding, I have several midi creating and editing apps that I use regularly, and they work well in XP.
While I have your ear, I read a couple of older posts on the forum saying that Audacity is not compatible with the Zoom R16 interface function. Is that the definitive, final answer or has anything changed since those posts?

As far as I’m aware, that is not definitive, but as I don’t have a Zoom R16 I am not able to test.

Even if it doesn’t work as an interface with Audacity, it can operate as a stand alone recorder (which also has the BIG advantage that there are no noisy computer fans whirring), so you could record onto the flash card, then transfer the WAV files to your computer for editing with Audacity.

Sounds like that’s the ticket … Thanks Steve

Thank It didn’t work.

It should of worked… I don’t have a Mac but I have a Windows 7 machine here at work with Audacity on it, and an XP machine that’s never had Audacity.

I copied audacity-win-2.2.2.exe onto the XP machine, installed, and ran it. I didn’t go any further than opening a WAV file but everything worked and I didn’t get any error messages.

…Sooner or later you might have to upgrade anyway. Sometimes new software won’t run or maybe you get some new hardware and the new drivers won’t work with the old operating system.

I ran Windows 2000 for a long-long time at home until my tax software would no longer run (and you can’t run last year’s tax software). Windows 7 was out by then and I decided I didn’t want to upgrade my operating system and work on my taxes at the same time so I bought a cheap laptop with Windows 7.

By the time I bought my next computer Windows 8 was out, but it had a bad reputation. So, I paid extra to “downgrade” to Win7. That computer was later upgraded to Win10 when you could do it free. (I cloned the hard drive first and installed the new cloned-drive before upgrading so I could recover if things went badly, but it went OK.)

And, Windows 10 isn’t bad. :wink: