Download attempts of latest Audacity fail

I have been attempting for several days to download the latest version 2.3.2 of Audacity from the official Fosshub link. At least 15 attempts. I tried using Firefox and Google Chrome. Each time the download fails (several times the download wouldn’t even start.) My download speeds (when the file is actually downloading) range from 50 to 190 kbps. At some point it goes to zero, then “download failed” appears. No reason given. The closest I’ve gotten is with “22 seconds remaining” when I was up to about 24 of the 26MB file. I’m not sure if anyone here has any suggestions, and I’m assuming this is an issue with Fosshub since I have no problems downloading other stuff, but is there some way to make the persons who deal with Fosshub aware of this? Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is Fosshub overwhelmed? Thanks for any suggestions.

I just downloaded it. No problems here…

Just tested it here too. It downloaded very fast, just a couple of seconds.
I also tested the sha-256 checksum and that was correct, verifying that the download is complete and correct.

The sha-256 is: 351bbf5a30e65e2a77d28cf5384057bbc2b25880c682be755908307951e43b01

@tmkara - we serve on average, approximately 150.000-250.000 downloads per day, and we received no similar complaints. To answer your concern, we are not “overwhelmed” merely because we use several CDN providers moreover we have a 100% uptime policy. The download speed should be the same regardless of how many people download from us. I ran several tests from multiple locations, and the download speed is fast.

People regularly rate us as being faster than GitHub, KDE, and other providers:

From your short description, I assume there is a problem with your ISP. As you can see, the Google Chrome Help section recommends you to check your Internet connection first:

Most likely a peering issue between your ISP and an upstream provider. I recommend you to get in touch with your ISP and explain the problem.

Before you do, try to download the file one more time. If you’re using Windows OS, open a command prompt command line and type the following line and hit Enter: “tracert” - without the quotes.

Please copy this result from “tracert” until “Trace complete.” and save it. Please, forward this result to your ISP.

Thank you!
FossHub Team