DOUBT ::: Multitrack Recording PRESONUS AudioBox 44VSL

Hello friends!

I would like to have information as I can hold a multitrack recording in Audacity.

My audacity is the 2.0.6 version and have a PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL ( which make the connection to the computer by a USB cable.

I write a stereo track using two channels of 44VSL, each channel goes to one side of the stereo. In the “recording device” when the 44VSL is connected to the computer via USB appears the options: channel 1/2 and channel 3/4, and so can capture and record two microphones within the same channel, where they divide the stereo.

As my 44VSL has 4 channels, I wonder how I can record 4 channels simultaneously? Using 4 mics?

It’s possible?

Thank you!!

Luiz Stellet

There’s a segment of the forum for multi-track

And another piece here:


What version of Windows are you on? Have you been to and installed the appropriate drivers for your Windows version? If not, do that.

If there is then a “Multi” choice in Audacity, that should record all four channels.

Selecting the Windows WASAPI host in Device Toolbar might give you the best chance of seeing a “multi” device or a choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels.

If not, you could try Audacity 2.0.4 from and choose the Windows WDM-KS host. Be aware that there is a small chance this could freeze or crash your computer if the built-in sound device is not compatible with WDM-KS.

If none of that helps then you would have to compile Audacity with ASIO support, which would let you record multi-channel.


Dear Gale,

Thanks for his return and information and my Windows is 8.

I can say that the drives were already correct.

Unfortunately I do not have great control on suggested actions, especially in the case of making compile … I have no idea how to do.

As the attached image in my audacity appears the “WAPASI” but only appears the options regarding 44VSL:

  • LINE OUT 1/2
  • LINE OUT 3/4

When you choose one of these options can record one channel audacity using 2 channels of 44VSL. Only a 44VSL channel goes to the right and the other channel goes to the left of the estero single channel audacity.

You would have a step by step on how to compile the audacity?

Thank you for your attention!

2015-12-07 00_12_45-Audacity.jpg

You could try Audacity 2.0.4 and WDM-KS host (with the warning I mentioned). If you were to disable the built-in sound device in Windows Device Manager before trying 2.0.4 that should minimise the risk.

You could overdub - record tracks 1 and 2, then play tracks 1 and 2 while recording tracks 3 and 4.

You could record in an ASIO-enabled app like Reaper (free trial) or Wavosaur (free) then edit the recording in Audacity.

If you want to try compiling Audacity, see the yellow box at the top of The file win/compile.txt mentioned there explains how to enable ASIO support when compiling Audacity.