Double Voice!

Hi guys!
I’m starting to use this software just to make some vocal covers. I recorded some months ago a song with my band, but a friend did all the editing stuff and used another software.
What I want to do is to get a double effect on my voice, just as if I recorded 2 times, is it possible?
Here I post the link of the song of my band, the effect I want to get is the one on 1:41.
Thanks!! I hope you can help me!! ^^

You can duplicate your voice track with Control-D or Command-D. Then use the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) to push one track later than the other and Effect > Amplify to change the loudness. You can also use the Envelope Tool (two white arrows and bent blue line) to change the volume.

You should be doing all of this in Audacity 1.3.


Thank you!!