double tracking

Hiya…As this my first post please excuse any ignorance. Is it possible to double track a vocal or guitar track to thicken up the sound. Thanks angidave.

Say that again and use different words.

For “automatic double tracking” you can use the “Delay” effect.
For manual double tracking, record the same thing twice (second time as an “overdub”)

Double tracking - Wikipedia.


Oh. Overdubbing. We can do that (under certain circumstances).


Hiya Steve thanks for the reply so whats the best way to double track save the track to file and then reload or is there another way.THANKS D.C.

A really simple way is:

  1. Double click on the track to select it.
  2. Ctrl+D to duplicate it
  3. Zoom in quite close so that you can see fractions of a second (
  4. Use the Time Shift tool to slide the duplicate track just a little to the right (try about 0.05 seconds)
  5. Use the track Gain sliders to adjust the playback levels of the two tracks to achieve a pleasant mix ( Keep an eye on the playback meter to ensure that the mix does not hit 0 dB (

An alternative approach is to use the Delay effect

HIYA Steve thanks for the info I will be asking more questions as and when Thanks again. (Great Forum)