Donuts Theme

Hi all! I just finished a new theme for Audacity now that it supports it in the menu. I want to credit “DawnBringer” of pixeljoint for the use of his 32 color palette, which I strictly adhered to. The rest is me!
Here’s an example:


If you come across any goofs or have suggestions, please speak up! I’m totally willing to do some custom stuff just for you even! Wow!

Well okay, bye bye!

Little, little update:

Nice to see some new themes appearing on the forum, but it would be better if you uploaded the files directly to the forum as attachments to your post.
Attached files are visible to forum visitors without having to go off to another website, and they remain available even if the original “imgur” files become unavailable (it’s really annoying when you get excited about downloading a file and then discover it has been moved or deleted).

(posts are also likely to be approved more quickly because the forum moderators can see what they are approving).

See here for how to attach files to forum posts:

Thanks for the advice… How do I edit my post?

Just add a new post.


I took the liberty of uploading your screenshot from the first post:

One more minor (should be the last) update. Hope you guys like it! Does anyone know if it’s possible to modify the extra track colors we got with the last update? Cheers!

No, not yet.