Doing the very same edits on several files

I’ve looked around for the answer to this and haven’t found it. Pls forgive if I failed to locate existing info.

Here’s what I want to do. I’ve got sixty 3 hour audio files. I want to edit them to remove the first 14 minutes, then keep the next 4 minutes, then remove another 5 minutes, then keep 10 minutes, etc.

I want this series of edits to be performed on each of the sixty files. Since there are a large number, I don’t want to manually input the same edits over and over. I looked at the documentation for batch processing and for chains, but I have the impression that those won’t quite do what I want to do.

I’m not a programmer, though I’m pretty computer literate and am capable of writing simple scripts and the like (or modifying an existing script to do what I need).

Batch processing has no ability to execute commands on selections.

A Nyquist plug-in could do want you want (I think) but I see nothing suitable.

You could import the files into one project, make the deletions then File > Export Multiple, but how many GB of disk space have you got? Just importing those files would take 108 GB if they were stereo files and you imported them at minimum resolution (16-bit - see the Quality Preferences) .

You may want to see if SoX can do what you want.


It is possible to create an envelope-template-track to silence the same regions in each show using “auto duck”, then follow auto-duck with “truncate silence” to remove the silenced regions.

[ maybe CPU intensive on an hour long show though ]

How will Audacity automatically import the control track along with each file? To apply a Chain to files, the project must be empty.


what I’ve suggested would consistently apply exactly the same edits to each show, which was part of the brief …

so would provide a degree of automation and consistency, but I don’t know how incorporate my suggestion to a batch process.

Yes but I still don’t see the mechanism to actually do it. AutoDuck will error immediately unless it has a control track below the imported file, even if you set up its envelope beforehand.

So you are back to running a chain on a project rather than imported files, so you have to import the files, and you will need the requisite disk space.