Dogs only recordings?

I’d like to record something and convert it to a high pitch so only dogs can here it. For instance I’d like to call out in a normal voice to my dog, record the voice then change the recording so only the dog can here it!

Like a good dog whistle can only be heard by canines.

How would I do that?

I forgot to add, I have Nero Wave Editor ATM


Sorry but Nero Wave Editor is not our product so we can’t help you with that.

The pitch difference between the lower end of the frequency range of your voice and the ultrasonic range is huge. Even a telephone voice goes down to around 300 Hz. Adult hearing generally goes up to around 15,000 Hz, so you would need to increase the frequency by around 5000 %.
The simplest way to increase the frequency is to speed it up (like a tape or record playing too fast will raise the pitch), but then it will also be 50 x faster than the original recording.

The technology to pitch shift by 5000 % without massively distorting the sound in some way does not exist.

If you are wanting to make “silent subliminal messages”, see this post:

Well I managed to do all that, surprising easy too. (when one follows instructions)

When I play the recording I can’t hear a thing but the VU metre in the top centre(left) is going up and down.

Does that mean there is sound there that I cant hear?

Next Id like to get it onto the iphone, and play it through speakers.

Thanks very much so far with the information.

Audio devices designed for humans will only reproduce frequencies up to about 20kHz.
One* reason you can’t hear any ultrasonic signal audacity is playing is that standard headphones/speakers cannot reproduce it.
You’d have to find out what is the highest frequency the iphone speaker can reproduce and limit yourself to that.

There’s already a (free) iphone app for that … which could be used to see if dog respond to constant tones before building an app which modulates the tone with speech.

NB: a [whistle dog or otherwise] can be painfully loud , the upper frequency limit on dog/human hearing is only true for loud sounds, i.e. the power output of the loudspeaker is a factor , as well, as the highest frequency it can reproduce.

[ * The second reason is humans can only hear upto about 20,000Hz. , if you’re over 40 years old the upper limit is more like 16KHz ]

Thanks, I think the dog whistle recording is a no go, due to needing speakers etc that will play the recording up that high.

Something else I read here is that recordings can be speeded up, how do
I speed up a recording using Audacity?

Thanks in advance!


Two options …
Speed-up which will increase pitch … Audacity Manual
Speed-up where pitch is maintained … Audacity Manual

Like a good dog whistle can only be heard by canines.

The whistle part, yes. But anybody standing next to you will hear the escaping air and know you’re doing something. I bought one from the pet store as a joke and it didn’t work. Everybody around me could hear the escaping air and knew I was Up To Something.

"What are you blowing into, there, Koz?