Doesn't work on MacOS Mojave (beta 10.14)

Yeah, I know…

I’m one of those volunteer beta testers for Apple, trying out MacOS and iOS betas before they’re released to the general public. Well, when I started running Mojave, Audacity wouldn’t run (vers. 2.2.2.dmg). The icon just sits in the dock bouncing for awhile then then just stays. I know there’s system reports to look at, but admittedly decided I’ll go to you guys instead.

I really love Audacity and I don’t want to see it fade away from Mac users. Take care


My guess is that, because Apple are phasing out support for 32-bit applications, that Mojave beta has no support for 32-bit apps. Whether or not the release version of Mojave will support 32-bit apps is yet to be seen (have you seen any official announcements from Apple?)

The next release of Audacity will be Audacity 2.3.0 and it will still be a 32-bit app. This will probably be the last 32-bit release of Audacity (so the last version that will run on 32-bit Macs) before we go to 64-bit.

Thank you very much for the prompt response. I didn’t even have to do any digging, here is the announcement:
Mojave is Apple’s last version of macOS to support 32-bit apps. … At the WWDC State of the Union event, following the announcement of macOS Mojave (macOS 10.14) in the keynote earlier in the day, Apple vice president of software Sebastien Marineau revealed Mojave will be "the last release to support 32-bit at all."Jun 5, 2018

Listen, if you guys ever need a Mac OS researcher or tester please feel free to bug me. I used to know Linux up and down and wouldn’t mind doing stuff like that again.


Well there’s due to be a release candidate for Audacity 2.3.0 pretty soon, and we very much welcome testing. It will be announced here on the forum, on the website, and on social media (links at top left of page).

Feedback about the release candidate are best posted on this board: Alphas & Betas - Audacity Forum
Before posting bug reports, check the release notes to check that it’s not an issue we already know about.

So… if Mojave is supposedly supporting 32-bit apps, why would Audacity not run? I’m about to pull the trigger on the Mojave install but don’t want to do it if I won’t be able to run this. Did you finally get it to work?

I’m running Audacity 2.3.0 on a 2017 Macbook Air with Mojave.
– Bill

The original post was about the pre-release (beta) version of Mojave.
Audacity 2.3.0 is reported to work on the release version of Mojave, though Mojave does complain about it being a 32-bit application.

Note that there are some reports about difficulty getting the microphone to work after updating to Mojave. In some cases it is just a matter of giving permission to the application to use the mic. Check that your mic works correctly before installing Audacity.