Does this audio sound right?

Hi there, so I just got my Samson Go Mic today. Been wondering if the audio sounds as it should. I read a small part of game of thrones:

Also, please excuse the background noise. I recorded while my parents were talking in the next room not to mention I don’t have a door.

Sounds good to me. The worst problem most people have isn’t the microphone. It’s the room.

How are you listening? Most new users have no good quality speakers, so the only way is good, sealed-cushion headphones. The Go Mic has a place for headphones, so you can listen to yourself while you record. That’s what Zero Latency Monitoring means. It helps you keep your voice volume constant while you record.

The Sony MDR 7506 headphones are used widely in Hollywood production. I wouldn’t want to listen to a movie with them, but they’re clear and will tell you if you’re making a mistake


Hi, thanks for the response. I’m currently using speakers to test the audio. I can’t actually use headphoens due to an ear condition (tinnitus). Anyway, the reason why I wanted to know if the audio sounded right was because I don’t know much about mics and this is the first mic I bought. Also, what kinda bugged me was the fact that the padding on the mic isn’t aligned correctly and rotating the mic itself produces this annoying squeaky sound. So I didn’t know if that meant the mic itself is defective and if I should return it or not. But thanks for assuring me that it’s working correctly.

Most technicians would be horrified you’re trying to move the microphone while recording, so there is that.

I can’t help you with the construction. Yes, if you’re not happy with it, you should exchange it. Part of the attraction of this microphone is the construction. You’re supposed to be able to whip it out in a restaurant and record an audiobook or two (it says here).

If you think it’s picking up noises from the table, you can help that with the Book/Towel solution.

Many microphones without formal shock mounts can benefit from something like that.

Also please note in that picture there is a furniture moving blanket on the table. It’s not a bare table. That can help your sound.