Does Parametric EQ exist for Audacity users?

I’ve spent DAYS trying to find this plug in for Audacity but is it really just an apparation, a hoax?

Can anyone point me to a location where I can successfully - the keyword successfully - download and activate this elusive ghost-like plugin and ACTUALLY use it in Audacity v2.3.3?

Love Audacity.

Don’t love obscurity.

Try [u]this one[/u] or Google “VST parametric equalizer”. (Audacity supports VST plug-ins, although not all VST plug-ins support VST.)

Audacity’s built-in spectral editor has a parametric option …
https ://

I’ll try that DVD Doug.
Oddly enough I have 2.3.0 on my PC at work which lists the parametirc in Effects
But 2.3.3. installation on another PC doesn’t

I don’t recall loading a plugin on 2.3.0 though


I know nothing about audio but need to edit some audio in video clips - remove room echo from voices

Just to say a big thank you to you guys for your help Im still looking at a lot that seemed to pop up with the links you suggested again many thanks Katie