Does Audacity work with Line6 Podfarm plug in VST ?

Does anyone know if Audacity works with Virtual Studio Technology (VST) ?
I want to record dry guitar through my Line6 toneport & into Audacity then add the Line6 effects/amps later.
If so How do I get the VST to work ?

"VST plug-ins need to be placed directly in Audacity’s Plug-Ins folder in order for them to show up in the Effect menu. "

A search of my harddrive for ‘VST’ returned Line6 podfarm VST in windows system folder that are just hex codes.
The search also returned in C:/programme files/line6/podfarm… a file called ‘POD Farm.dll’
Is that what needs to be placed directly in Audacity’s Plug-Ins folder ?

We don’t make Podfarm, so all we can say is that a compiled VST plug-in would almost always have a .dll extension, and 64-bit (x64) plug-ins will not be recognised by Audacity.

However if you look at this topic you will see that there are many podfarm .dll’s and Audacity was not recognising them in that thread. I would think very likely some or all are VST instruments requiring MIDI input and meant to operate on the audio as you play. Audacity doesn’t support VST instruments.

If you have doubts about what the plug-ins do you may want to visit .