Does Audacity have automation?

Just wondering if it has this feature, or some similar method of adjusting the volume of a specific part within a track, without having to adjust the entire track?

adjusting the volume of a specific part within a track

Yes, but why would you need Automation for that? I get this feeling you’re leaving something out—such as … “within a track for 600 shows.”


Assuming that you mean “track effect automation”, as found in most real-time DAW programs, the general answer is; no, Audacity does not have effect automation.
However, you said the magic words " adjusting the volume", so you’ve hit the jackpot. Yes, Audacity does have effect automation for volume level. The amplitude (volume level) of a track is one of the very few things that Audacity does in real-time. Use the “Envelope Tool”:

Information only: One of the very few other things that Audacity does in real-time is track panning (adjusting the left/right position of the track sound in the stereo field). It is possible that at some time in the future (don’t hold your breath) Audacity may get “automation” for track panning. Other effects and edits are applied by Audacity immediately and directly to the track audio when you “OK” or “Apply” the effect.