Does Audacity have a Codec to convert Dolby AC3 files

I need to be able to convert old Dolby AC3 files over to mp3… Is there a Codec, or Plug In that will let Audacity do this… I have versions 1.2.6 , up to the current version of Audacity, and older Windows PC’s up to modern PC’s, so I should be able to run it if it is out there… Thank you for any help with this subject… - Andy

Audacity doesn’t have codecs to convert anything, but you can install the FFMpeg software and get all of its codecs.

It is suggested that if you need no editing, filtering or effects, that you do straight conversions outside of Audacity. Audacity is not a WAV editor and has to do internal conversions to get sound in and out. Each conversion contributes slight distortion.