Does Audacity allow you to copy/paste audio to different app

Greetings Audacity Help! I run a Pro Tools (003 Factory rack) via an intel-Mac OSX Ver 10.6.8 with your Audacity 2.0.0. I am attempting to paste audio/music files to text and photo pages to be posted on the internet via the various applications (such as Mlcrosoft word, PDF etc). Is that what Audacity does? Thank You for your help. JadeMichael

Do you mean that you want to post links to the actual sound files or that you want to post pictures of the waveform from Audacity.
If the former - no. If the latter, Audacity has a screengrabber in-built under its Help command. I’m a Windows user so cannot advise you on how to find that on your Mac.

Greetings Audacity! Thank You for your prompt response! OK I’m new to these programs so please forgive if I misstate some things (I’m getting better). Now from what I understand, I can edit an audio track in Audacity and then Export it into an outside wave or mp3 etc.file. My 2 questions are: 1) Can I then cut and paste it on to a Microsoft, PDF or other word /text document where the audio can be triggered? and 2) Where can I get those “screengrabber” instructions you spoke of? I’ve seen it done in an online newspaper (the Chicago Reader) where you can hear a sample of a song or hear snatches of a conversation with the artist. I understand that you only do PCs (I also have a PC) Thank You for your help, JadeMichael

That sound was accessed via a web page. I have no skills in building web pages.

On a Windows system, from within Audacity: Help > Screenshot tools…
See here:

Also, please note, this is not a “company helpdesk”. Audacity is written by and supported by enthusiastic amateurs. We each have our own unique collection of skills and experience. Mine experience is entirely Windows-based. I know nothing about Macs or Linux.

You can export audio from Audacity as an audio file, then use that file in other applications.
You cannot cut and paste audio from Audacity directly into other applications as they do not support the Audacity clipboard.

See here for embedding audio into Word documents:
See here for embedding audio into PDF documents:
See here for embedding audio into HTML5 documents: