Does anyone know what this audio effect is and what plugin is used to be created?

I’ve wanted to use this audio effect for a personal voice over and I want to know if anybody remembers this audio effect.

Stutter-glitch, like Max Headroom (ask your parents).

I really don’t think so, I wanted this audio effect that literally sounds glitchy distorted and corrupted and it has the suicidemouse.avi sound effects like this audio clip from scratch.

Lese’s free plugin called “codec” does glitch-repeat (optional) & digital degradation.
followed by Yum audio’s crispy clip light, (any clipper will do).
Both those plugins work in Audcaity3 on Windows.

Is that supposed to be the source that people use to vocode these audio mix effects?

It’s my attempt to produce a similar effect to the sound you posted using free plugins.
Lese’s “codec” is not a vocoder: it’s (very) lossy-compression, like poor-quality Skype/Zoom audio, (or very low bit-rate mp3).

I just figured it out myself.

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