Does anyone know how to have vocals (or sound like) surf curse,kurffew or anything like that? genre is indie rock i think

i can use 64 bit or 32 bit. i know that surf curse uses some effect that has his microphone sound like he is in radio or something. (i will send something and if anybody have any ideas please let me know.)

this song is from a song named: kurffew - i dont wna cry

Ouch. That torture includes …
Pitch-shifted up by ~25%
Sharp high-pass @ ~200Hz (so like a phone)
Painful resonance @ ~4500Hz (probably not a deliberate effect)
Chorus*-type pseudo-stereo.

[ * possibly double-tracking too, where the same vocal is recorded twice ]

It’s as if they literally ‘phoned that in’, from a bathroom.

If you want lo-fi nastiness there is an Audacity plugin for that: HelmetRadio1-5.

thanks bro for answering :heart:

what is that “Painful resonance?” or how is that effect called in audacity? thanks for reply!

and what is that “Chorus*-type pseudo-stereo.” and
“Dynamic-range-compression?” or how are they called in audacity?

There is a resonance plugin for Audacity …
But you could just draw a peak on an eq curve

There is a chorus plugin for Audcaity …

Dynamic-range-compression = compressor , see … Compressor - Audacity Manual

Thanks for answering again! I want to ask again for a similiar question i asked before.
dynamic range compression is in a compressor i know that. but does it have any settings? like if i go to the compressor i need to set something so i can get that settings i want. do you know what are those settings? thanks for reply again.

There is a plugin called TrapTune which does most of your job:
pitch-shifting, distortion, pseudo-stereo, reverb.
It works in Audcaity2 & 3 as VST2 plugin.
15 day free trial, after which it becomes “broken”, (most knobs missing).
but you can still use the presets you created during the free trial period.
Do not buy TrapTune it’s not worth the money. Worth having for free.
[ The autotune part of Traptune does not work well ].