Do I need to adjust latency with each new song?

I’m new to audacity and I’ve been using a laptop to make some demos. Since it’s a laptop I can’t do the latency test with the loop cable but I found an alternate method. Set a click track and then record myself banging a drumstick on a new track, measure the difference and adjust. It’s been working okay but I wanted to know if I need to do this everytime I start a new song? Will it be thrown off if I decided to use a different tempo click track after I’ve already created a track? Would the latency be adjusted better if I used a desktop, loop cable and the latency test? Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

Usually you can just set the latency correction, then forget it. However you will probably need to adjust it if you use a different sound card, or a different sample rate. You may or may not need to adjust it if you change from recording in stereo to recording in mono. If your set-up remains the same then the latency should stay about the same, though cheap sound cards do tend to drift a bit.