Do I have full version of audacity?

I am wondering if I have the full version of audacity. I tried to edit a peace of music (taking out the intro) and following along in a simple Youtube tutorial makes it seem easy. Go to where you want to edit, drag the cursor to what you want to cut, go to the menu bar and click on edit and cursor down to delete. My problem is that under my edit tab there is no delete.

So, any input on how to figure out what version of audacity I have would be greatly appreciated.

I am running windows xp 32bit.



Mine doesn’t either. Press your Delete key.

Using the menu system is good for learning, but you should advance quickly to keyboard shortcuts. Someone even moderately good with the keys can edit a show and be on the way out for a coffee/tea while you’re still trying to find all the menus.

Help > About? I’m not sure where it in on Windows machines.

The current version is 2.0.5.

If you have any doubt, you can get it again from our supply. It should reinstall without losing any of your preferences.


In the current (2.0.5) version, “Delete” has been put into a sub-menu:
“Edit > Remove Audio or Labels > Delete”

(When Audacity 2.0.6 comes out, “Delete” will be back in the main Edit menu)

Irrespective of where Delete is, the real answer is to use the current version of Audacity ( ) then read the Audacity Manual. The Manual for the current release (whichever version is current) is here: .

The Edit Menu page in the Manual (whichever version is current) is here: .

You can ensure you are e-mailed when there is a new version of Audacity by subscribing here: .

The trouble with looking at YouTube videos is that even if they are factually accurate, they rarely say what version of Audacity they relate to, and you may have a different version.