DJM 900NXS Not Being Read

Hi All,

New here. Searched a couple of topics before but my problem is still happening. DJM 900 isnt being read by my mbp running audacity 2.1.1. I know there was an issue originally with El Capitan, and was supposed to be fixed after 10.11.1 but both audacity and OS X are up to date. Any ideas on how to fix/anyone else running into this issue?


Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. Does the mixer appear in that list?

Could this be as simple as restarting Audacity? Audacity only automatically connects to USB when it starts. Also Transport > Rescan.


Nothing comes up when I go into the sound in system preferences. Also did the the transport > rescan, nothing.

So frustrating considering it was working right before the upgrade. Unfortunately I think it’s a serious bug between OS X and pioneer and won’t be resolved for a while :frowning:

Have you tried resetting PRAM and SMC?

Try this first:

And to reset pram, restart your Mac and hold down option, command, p and r until you’ve heard the startup chime twice.

still nothing! it has to be a driver issue then.

Of course pioneer isn’t releasing one until December/end of December.

If the Mac doesn’t recognize it as a sound device, then it won’t show up in System Preferences and it will be invisible to Audacity.