DJ Mix using MacBook M1 OS Ventura, Pioneer DJ DDJ 1000SRT, Audacity and Loopback Software

Hi, I hope someone can help me with this matter. I recently started DJ’ing again and can’t get Audacity to correctly record my DJ Mix. Here is what I currently have as hardware and software:

Pioneer DJ DDJ 1000SRT Controllers
Macbook Pro M1 chip, OS Ventura
Loopback software.

The controller is connected to monitors using the “Booth”, and my Macbook Pro is connected using USB. The Macbook has USB-C. Loopback is a software that virtually connected the Serato software to the channels.

I setup Audacity so that the Macbook Pro would be the Playback Device, and the recording device is Loopback. I tried many other ways but I couldn’t see any blue sounds waves on Audacity. From this setting sounds waves were created on both

So the end result was weird. While audacity recorded the sound, the songs did not mix. It recorded everything I was doing to the song, but they never played together.

I’m not sure if there are certain terminology being used in this cases but would love to get some help on terms, process, and setup please.

Thank you!

I’m a Windows guy but if you are using the computer for the performance/production it would be a LOT easier to record with a solid state recorder (or with another computer and audio interface).

…The of course, you can optionally edit later with the Mac when it’s not tied-up.

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