DJ Mix - Is this possible

Hi, I want to create a DJ mix in 2 halfs in audacity and overlap the 2nd half like a mix. Confused ? You will be.

Basically I have 6 tracks I want to mix and the end track doesn’t have any beats to it. Then I have another 6 tracks which does the same.

As there is some quite complex beat juggling going on, I want to record it in 2 halfs, in case I make a mistake late on in the mix and have to do it all again.

However, I don’t want it to sound like I’ve recorded it in 2 halfs, so ideally I’d like to beat match track 6 and 7 and overlay the starting beat over the end of track 6 so it sounds like I am mixing it.

I hope this makes sense - and is this possible ?

Thanks in advance.

You want the easiest way to do this?
You have worked out (or at least don’t need help at the moment) with making each half?
So you just need to know how you will be able to make the two halves fit together (cross-fade or whatever) so that it sounds seamless and not two halves?

If I’ve got the question right, make the first half and leave a bit extra at the end - don’t fade it out or trim it down. Mix this down and export (“firsthalf.wav”)
Then do the second half, but don’t fade-in or trim the beginning. Mix this down and export (“secondhalf.wav”)
Now restart Audacity and import the files “firsthalf.wav” and “secondhalf.wav” and adjust/trim/cross-fade as required to produce one track and export it.

All of your exported tracks should be in WAV format - compressed formats such as MP3 will progressively damage the sound quality.

Thanks, I will record the mixes and try that.

I’ve just spotted that the only option in the drop down box is Microphone. I’m currently connected through a UCA202 to the USB, with no microphone input. However, when I click record on Audacity, it does record - is this correct ?

In my Windows properties the mixer device for recording is set to Realtek HD Audio Input, and if I try to change that to USB Audio CODEC, it greys out the OK button - is this also correct ?


Doesn’t sound right to me.

It sounds like Windows has not connected to the UCA202. Check that it is connected to the computer correctly, reboot the computer, wait for it to fully boot up and then check it again.

Re-connecte the USB (so the green light comes on the UCA202) then re-booted - still only the microphone option :frowning:

In the Audio tab of the Windows Sounds And Audio Devices, the Sound Recording option is set to USB Audio Codec.

You’re talking about the dropdown box in Audacity’s Mixer toolbar, right? The one with the microphone and speaker sliders beside it.

In that case, it’s OK. On my machine (running XP), when I connect a USB soundcard, the dropdown in the mixer toolbar is disabled and defaults to “microphone”.


OK thats fine, I will try recording like this. Is there any way to tell that is has recorded in the correct way after it is done ?

The simple way: if it sounds right, it is right.
Once the UCA202 is recognised by Windows and selected as the recording device in Audacity, you’re OK.

Or to put it another way, if you actually were recording music through a laptop microphone, the sound quality would be so bad that you couldn’t listen to it.