Dividere grossi file mp3 per masterizzarli su CD [HELP]

Ciao a tutti,
scusate ma non parlo molto bene in inglese, scriverò in italiano e poi proverò a tradurre con Google translate. Grazie
Ho un problema: ho dei grossi file in mp3 di canzoni mixate che vorrei masterizzare su un CD. Non ho ben capito come fare a mettere i marcatori tra le varie canzoni, per poterle poi ascoltare su un lettore cd con la possibilità di passare da una canzone ad un’altra. Com’è la procedura? Grazie.

Hello everybody,
sorry but i don’t speak english very well, i will write in italian and then i will try to translate with google translate. Thank you
I have a problem: I have large mp3 files of mixed songs that I would like to burn to a CD. I did not understand how to put the markers between the various songs, to be able to listen to them on a cd player with the possibility of switching from one song to another. How is the procedure? Thank you.

I believe this is what you are looking for: Tutorial - Burning music files to a CD

Credo che questo sia quello che stai cercando: Tutorial - Masterizzare file musicali su un CD

TI ringrazio, avevo già provato una cosa simile, ma c’è un problema: si sente lo stacco tra una canzone ed un’altra e non si dovrebbe, visto che si tratta di un mixxaggio tipo da discoteca. Non so come fare. Grazie

Thank you, I had already tried something similar, but there is a problem: you can hear the gap between one song and another and you shouldn’t, since it is a disco type mix. I do not know how to do. Thank you

Audacity can’t burn CDs so it may not be of any help. You’ll need burning software (Windows Media Player can do it)

You can burn an “audio CD” or you can burn a "data CD "which has MP3 files and/or other “computer files” on it. Audio CDs can hold up to about 80 minutes of (uncompressed) audio. With MP3s you can put 5 or 10 times as much music on a disc depending on the bitrate/quality. Of course you can play a disc with MP3s on your computer but most CD players can’t play it. Some car-stereo CD players can play MP3s on a disc.

If you are making an audio CD you can use a [u]Cue Sheet[/u] with a program like [u]ImgBurn[/u] to order the tracks and set the track markers. I start with a known-good cue sheet and edit it with Windows Notepad.

If you are burning MP3s onto a disc the embedded metadata can contain a track number “tag”, as well as tags for the artist and song title, etc. If you are editing the files in Audacity there is an option for entering metadata, or if you are not editing the audio you can use a tag editor like [u]MP3Tag[/u]. Then, your player software can read the track numbers and play the tracks in track-number sequence (or in alphabetical order, etc.).

When you say “mixed”… If you’re talking about crossfading (where one song blends into the next) that’s easy with an audio CD. You can start with one-big WAV file (or one big MP3) and a cue sheet. I’ve made a few crossfaded CDs this way and several “live” CDs where there is silence between tracks. With MP3 files on a disc it’s impossible… Actually, there are ways to add “chapter marks” to a CD but it’s not common feature and most player-software doesn’t support it. There are ways to get “gapless” playback with multiple MP3s but it’s tricky and not always reliable. You’d have to make one-big crossfaded file and then split it into separate tracks.

BTW - If you are making an audio CD it’s best if you can avoid MP3 (lossy compression). But if you only have MP3 originals your burning software should de-compress them and there is no additional “damage” during decompression (and MP3s get decompressed when you play it anyway)

Ti ringrazio, ma non ho ben capito tutto, ho un po’ di difficoltà con l’inglese!
Provo a fare la domanda in maniera più semplice: se ho un file mp3 unico che voglio masterizzare su un cd, come faccio a far capire al lettore cd quando finisce una canzone e quando ne inizia un’altra, (essendo brani mixati) in maniera tale che non ci siano interruzioni fra le canzoni? Lo posso fare con i programmi di masterizzazione che ho tipo Nero e Ashampoo Burning Studio o devo usare altro? Grazie

Thank you, but I don’t understand everything, I have a little difficulty with English!
I try to ask the question in a simpler way: if I have a unique mp3 file that I want to burn on a cd, how can I make the cd player understand when a song ends and when another one starts, (being mixed songs) in a such that there are no interruptions between the songs? Can I do this with the burning programs I have like Nero and Ashampoo Burning Studio or do I have to use something else? Thank you