hey guys im kinda new to this and i was wondering how do i add distortion?

There are various distortion effects in the plug-in packs. Download and install the plug-ins and try them out.
Have fun.

i downloaded alot and they all sounded bad. the best one i found was amplitube but i could only get good sounds when i was using it alone not when i used it as a plug in. any recomendations for a good one? btw im looking for distortion for a guitar

Personally I’ve not been very satisfied with distortion plug-ins on any software apart from the commercial program “Guitar Rig”.
The type of distortion that you get from an over-driven guitar amp is rather complex as it is the product of not only the electronic distortion (which itself is not just simple clipping), but also the characteristics of the cab and speaker.

To create that type of effect in software is extremely complex and involves amp and speaker modelling.

The cheapest and easiest way to get nice guitar distortion, is to use a hardware effects pedal. You can get these fairly cheap these days - Behringer make some very inexpensive ones that blow the sock off just about any software simulation - or for a bit more money, the Line6 pod is a cool bit of kit (and it’s still less than half the price of “Guitar Rig”)