Distortion on Mic recording

I have a Yeti Blue Microphone and my music records with MASSIVE distortion (way too loud).
Any ideas about what settings I can change?
If all else fails, How do I set Audacity to default settings?
Thank you

Audacity doesn’t monkey with the digital audio data like that, but sometimes Windows does…

my music

Is that loud-amplified music?

I assume you’ve turned-down the gain knob on the microphone?

There are a couple of Windows settings you can check - Make sure [u]Microphone Boost[/u] is set to minimum (0dB) and make sure all [u]“Enhancements”[/u] are turned OFF.

Is there a GAIN control on the back of the microphone, above the pattern adjustment? If not, perhaps you have a nano without a gain control. There is “Blue Sherpa companion app” to adjust the gain on this nano microphone: https://www.bluemic.com/en-us/products/sherpa/

Report back and let us know how you make out.

Reset Configuration. See https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/reset_configuration.html

The Yeti has zero volume indicators. The light on the front changes when you have the microphone connected and muted. That’s it.

The instructions tell you to turn it down if it’s too loud. That’s not helpful if Windows or other software is messing with your work. As DVDdoug above, Audacity doesn’t apply filters, effects or corrections to a recording, but Zoom, Skype, chat and conference programs, and Windows do. Any one of them could be doing this.