Distortion on Line in..help plz

Hi all, trying to record some vinyl to my PC. Its an older dell with win 10, 8 gig ram using Audacity of course. im going line out from tape on my denon avr 4800 receiver to line in on the PC but the signal is heavily distorted and extreamly loud. Audacity is not allowing me to lower the recording level,. it has no effect on the signal at all when i lower it. its like a brick. i lowered the red volume in sounds but still no effect. i ran troubleshooter but still the problem remains. I did have this set up and woring last year and recorded tons of vinyl perfectly. any helpfull ideas. oh, its also distorted when i record in audition if that helps . when i listen to the headphones on the receiver, its sounds great, no distortion at all. just comin into the PC. im at a loss… is there a usb interface i could use to adoid using the line in on a pc.?

You are probably getting unwanted loopback somewhere.
Tools … Reset Configuration…
Then restart audacity and see what devices it picks up
Dont have any audible input monitoring or loopback set
Use line in as input recording … Playback as PC speakers

Make sure to directly select line-in as your Recording Device. (Don’t select anything that says “loopback” or "Stereo Mix’, etc.)

And make sure you’re plugged-into the line input (usually blue).